Mystery shopping is a relatively easy and fun way to obtain extra income in your spare time. A job of secret shopper is to visit different outlets and pretend as a regular customer. The goal of such visits is to find out what is the real what the real customer experience is and present the detailed report to the customer. As a secret shopper you’ll have to visit different places including restaurants, shops, hotels and resorts. We are looking for the secret shoppers who have a keen eye and are able to notice all the details they are asked to. Actually you don’t have to be a genius to become a mystery shopper but qualities like ability to observe and good memory are vital.

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Mystery Shopper Ontario

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If you want to become a mystery shopper in Quebec we are a agency looking for people with good memory and excellent communication skills.

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Mystery shop and make money

If you are searching for a part-time occupation or an additional work secret shopping is a great solution. If you are worried about the absence of mystery shopping experienced than you should know that it’s not really a problem. We will conduct short trainings and teach you everything you need to know for free. All you need is desire to learn and attentiveness and in short time you’ll get your first assignment. We offer:

  • Flexible working graphic
  • Free training
  • A possibility to select the location of assignment
  • A possibility to choose the assignments you are more inclined to
  • You don’t have to accomplish a certain number of task meaning you take as many assignment as you want
  • Additional income for students, housewives, retirees and anyone who wants to earn
  • New interesting experience
  • A possibility to learn more about different brands and services
  • You can improve your communication skills and self-confidence
  • You can help brands enhance their customer services

Seems like a nice job, isn’t it? So if you are interested in becoming a part of our mystery shoppers team please hurry to submit the online application on our website.


“Secret Shopper Jobs has actually supplied our company with the capacity to understand our stores from the consumer’s perspective. We could experience our stores from the consumer’s viewpoint relating to solution, product understanding, merchandising, choice or any area we should watch. We could target problem areas or just obtain a total companywide snap shot. We could offer credit history where it is additional or due training or make adjustments when essential.”
“It is a pleasure collaborating with Secret Shopper Jobs. Their assistance in constructing our puzzle buying program provided us possibility to gauge our efficiency and effectively make improvements in the quality of our services to our consumers. It’s specifically great joining John and is handy and consistently enthusiastic!”
“We are extremely happy with the top quality of the shops as well as the reporting. Total I like the format, as well as the customers seem extremely comprehensive. Thanks once again for a wonderful job on the stores done for us.”
“Secret Shopper Jobs has actually contributed in collaborating our mystery Shopping efforts in Canada you have actually done a fantastic task, we truly appreciate it. Many thanks a lot for all of your aid, it was great working with your group”